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What is another word for alternation?

Below is the list of synonyms for alternation. Here you can see the other names for alternation.



transitive noun

fall train seesaw dynamic polymorphous fungibility trans pass measure for measure interplay teeter domesticate change management wavering stead exchange periodicity lex talionis battledore and shuttlecock editable changed cross fluctuate series interchange intermeshing rotation reciprocation commute variation Interworking intertwining meshing leap recurrence transmute unsettled elastic juggle succession rhythm come interaction intermittency malleable sine wave return reinvent remodel order mutual admiration goalpost modulate reciprocity convert alternate reciprocality about-turn take difference counterchange meter vary piston motion lissajous figure explode Onto changing transfigure rhythmic play interchangeability ups and downs reversion rebrand disturb flux and reflux intermittence Transposal mutual transfer mutuality coaction complementary distribution flip-flop cyclicalness reconstruct retaliation Periodicalness transmogrify cross fire seasonality switchover engagement reverse shake teeter-tottering transcribe something for something revolutionize repetition interchangeableness oscillation swing grow concurrence shifting cross over teeter-totter metamorphose give-and-take mutual support commutation interlacing reconstitute move beat vacillation versatile Interweaving permutation break quid pro quo upside down Consecution sanitize coming and going rearrange vicissitude mutate reversible recast refinement fluid back-and-forth turn wigwag transitional Meta- move on sequence transform ebb and flow pendulation intercourse reformed bastardize row make tit for tat pulsation From Intermutation jump reappearance pendulum motion reshuffle chain Teetering labile redefine intercommunication sway mesh go cooperation alter sequel exchangeability to-and-fro Seesawing chop wax progression ticker tape Into drip undulation switch transposition new new broom regular wave motion convertible tottering churn tip reoccurrence pervert fluctuation shuffling change

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