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What is another word for ailment?

Below is the list of synonyms for ailment. Here you can see the other names for ailment.


transitive noun

malaise defect fidgets malfunction trial uproar terminal to-do superbug unrest health problem pest dose Sickishness pip activity clamor unfitness hereditary disease microorganism damage allergy restiveness outcry distemper disturbance infection botheration abnormality commotion upset state of unrest incapacity creeps curse havoc bacilli disquiet germ deficiency disease edginess antsiness case debilitation incurable Unhealth respiratory disease drawback fragility sicknesses weakness goose bumps indisposition chaos instability ill health derangement malady bacillus flu pother ruckus disruption evils confinement hurt lather attack acute languor anxiety lightness the pip throe troubles Diseases pattern haemorrhage mixup depravity hell broke loose protozoan disease wasting disease symptomology kwashiorkor misery discomfort flap ruthlessness frenzy frailty Sickliness pathogens anxiousness inflammation inability jumpiness inquietude failing health bedlam psychosomatic disease set of symptoms nutritional disease lime endocrine disease medical condition worm disease complaints resentment Needles melancholy weariness prognostics septicemia impairment complication free-for-all stir unhealthfulness bacterium wickedness evil ache morbidity handicap invalidity matter pathology infirmity whitening uneasiness hurry paroxysm pandemic disease brouhaha Chagas Disease row to do impatience ills Bluetongue concernment secondary disease pain CFS cachexia injury upheaval Symptomatology flurry visitation plague turmoil fragileness pandemic mercilessness panic condition deformity micro-organism imbroglio lack chronic care pinkeye listlessness temper mayhem testiness contamination confusion deficiency cold sweat canker unscrupulousness virus restlessness convalescence strife nausea furor turn ants in pants prostration insult unhealthiness vulnerability storm poison Diseasedness whitewash sepsis ailments disease insomnia bugs Butterflies disability conditions unwillingness coated debility seediness affliction decay birth defect pins and needles stroke congenital defect tribulation affection inconstancy jumps breakdown Syndromes willies Chronic Disease retrovirus poor health turbulence irregularity atrophy upsets movement thinness sickness cruelty syndrome hassle mix-up harm hemorrhage contagion shakes Convulsions ail Rockiness weakliness stew pathological condition badness occupational disease spasm puniness heat gastrointestinal disease cardiovascular disease Ants worriment disinclination concern angst dither Acute Disease endemic solicitude failing fungus disease ill occurrence disqualification sudden infant death syndrome circulatory disease pandemonium bug kinetosis suppuration detriment decrepitude suffering excitability lurgy uprising fear lassitude genetic disease fermenting topsy-turvy Averseness CGD misfortune pestilence nail-biting sign cancer upturn fever predisposition crisis flimsiness evilness symptoms life-threatening noise malice outbreak Iatrogenic Disease dreaded lurgy access alarm endemic disease pathosis heebie-jeebies morbus bacterial disease unwellness living death menace excitement awkwardness agitation mild sickness bustle affections hubbub transience rumble jitters dehydration clamour scourge illnesses anguish ennui indispositions apprehension trouble worry woe feebleness delicacy seizure infectious disease lameness frailness ailing Muscular Disease CMV all-overs viral ill luck mistrust unsoundness unpleasantness diabetes mellitus mischief autoimmune disease functional disease motion sickness insubstantiality shortcoming afflictions relapse Urogenital Disease failure ferment disorder queasiness ant restriction man flu wrong distress degenerative disease unease illness spell unhappiness untreated Common Variable Immunodeficiency fretfulness inexperience disquietude plant disease Unsettledness convulsion problem cases shivers complaint reluctance microbe violence immorality abuse fit Strangulated lurgi lay bilharzia misgiving Virus Disease neurological disease bout destruction stink unsubstantiality signs predicament fitfulness watchfulness disorders allergic disease touch pathogen complex bad health bad luck imperfection nervousness sick gripe Crohn's Disease foreboding attacks temperature tumult scene riot fuss worriedness blast collapse turmoils metastasis organic disease Infirmities protest epidemic uncertainty Maladies susceptibility epidemic disease incompetency whirl blight industrial disease fault hectic paint

More Ailment Synonyms

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