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What is another word for agitation?

Below is the list of synonyms for agitation. Here you can see the other names for agitation.



Rabidity enragement responsiveness uprising fervor blah-blah Trituration Fretting zest haste ignitions industriousness stirring up clamor fisticuffs whirl storm raspings trepidation disconcertion tingle topsy-turviness restlessness arousal Filings animation bombshell stir rage stink tremor upset vigor panic Thermogenesis cowardice verve noise Trepidity beguilement disquietude quiver fluster foamings disquiet antsiness sedition neuroticism zeal topsyturvy tremulousness earnestness wobble shake-up whirlwinds disconcertment kinetics unease waverings tremblor mixup mystification frenzy hysteric movement whirlpool racket 77 flutter to-do disturbance dither liveliness sprightliness disorientations affection frothing wearing away energy heat strife dos blurrings tremblings confusion ravings hell broke loose activity disillusionments violence battle churning wanderings snit Butterflies butterfly fitfulness Ardency empathy hysteria Shiverings experience stew disorientation inflammation oscillation drumfire beguilements vexation strain fuss Unsettledness hoo-hah lividness Hurries power alarm bioterrorism dyspathy commotion uneasiness merry-go-rounds molestation agility divertissements dynamics fermentation emotionalism ebullitions toing and froing pastime merry go round wingding tempestuousness pother excitation sway disillusionment terrorism edginess Mooting excitement disheartenments shortness lather restiveness re-creations high-spiritedness Addlings screw-up sensitivities dismay hubba-hubba disarrangement snappiness high spirits stirrings intimidation up turn statics ant riotings locomotion distraction queasiness stimulation sensation Broadsides passion Insurgence Voyaging mob rule excitability Irritableness evolution hang up debate terror up set barricade impression hullabaloo fervency anarchism lament agitation mood puissance electrification palpitation topsyturviness Rocking bickerings exuberance friction Rampancy shake clinker stirring flare up emotion jerkiness stress embarrassing attentiveness Movements Kickup 911 faintheartedness distress turbulence shaking movings in security neurasthenia blow a fuse worriment furiousness agriterrorism vibes spinelessness jumpiness broadside civil disobedience effervescence spirit hysterics re-creation chemistry grindings journeyings upturn ebullience ignition apostasy feeling merry-go-round disruption nail-biting shiftings blow one's cork convulsion insecurity perturbation movableness tumult inconstancies quick temper fretfulness hangup roll impetuosity dynamism anxiety gusto ferocity strength oxidization Ebullition helter-skelter unrest vibration tossing vim motilities apprehension mutiny Volatilization thrill changings wrath flap fire kick up furor feverishness touchiness bombshells gust molestations leavening jitters blow one's top the blahs frothings boycott effusiveness wingdings kick-up flip one's lid inconstancy big scene anarchy motion gratings resistance bounce clinkers voyagings ferocities disorder eagerness angst trouble bad feeling sympathy temblor ferment response motility uproar turmoil lawlessness wiggle Exuberancy unreason pressure Candescence fumings enthusiasm timidity nervousness fright inquietude exhilaration ardor Ants hooha upheaval hastiness relish quiverings impatience bustle vibe to do discomposure ants in pants tension qualm big stink TODO combustion moodiness worriedness potency Divertissement operativeness willies disheartenment blahs full swing friskiness warmth scrapings chemistries fear flurry paroxysm discomfiture dread tizzy Unsettlement transience lustiness

transitive noun

discombobulation grouping troubles debate persecution complex sickness displeasure miracle ebullience pressure gall nerviness quivering Interfusion difficulty annoyance excitability compunction wrangle raving clash grinding woe fret inflammation nervous restlessness insomnia willies beating rumble stress-related objection indignation negligence whipping up dissident thrill motivation fussiness joy swirl overanxiety maneuver offense nervous tension gloom tumult angst goose bumps Trepidity strife violence spell of nerves tempest ripple disagreement lack inconstancy outing brawl locomotion exuberance clatter shiver din tossing wearing away impulse contortion anxiety neurosis firing unrestraint pressure group concern overwork jumps oxidisation problem struggle energy gooseflesh velocity flap hell broke loose disquietude marcher sway embroilment journeying exaltation jar pride shivers arousal gay activist cacophony sweat unsettling bomb trepidation galvanization rabble-rousing Arousing Nervosity uncertainty yip Willie resentment lawlessness perplexity Evolving awe Voyaging liberty disputation ground swell happiness racket loss of face judder ado torment perturbation fear and trembling vivacity forebodingness gesture ferment activity unquiet dispute doubt bounce lividness oscillation labor worriment Whisking rumpus phobia kick up fright feery-fary onslaught insurgent fidgets fight gravity shaking vitality journey panic attack inspiration seism animation lobbyist love joviality scramble fermentation omission psychological state gesticulation nervous strain demonstration hullabaloo wrangling Sturm Und Drang quivers wobble battle cry bump sedition terror whirlwind broil snit fidgetiness buck fever Animal Rights bitterness outrage conflict intrusion vexation motion umbrage quiver big stink moving cowardice unhappiness cold feet activism hemorrhage ballyhoo neglect shudder frenzy pucker neuroticism adventure wag movement loudness intoxication women's movement explosion mortification seething groundswell horripilation Unsettlement harassment malady reformer passive resistance distress fomentation nerve pep talk blare upturn nail-biting restive worrying Paddling timidity kick Unsettledness desire impatience waving consternation paroxysm worry burst turmoil foofaraw hastiness hail marvel urge brouhaha strain responsiveness nervous breakdown upset stomach delirium epilepsy jerk go tantrum care impetuosity Yeastiness welter stimulus misgiving dither molestation rolling mobility jolt confusedness flurry uproar lunacy presentiment freegan discomposure disconcertment alarm botheration illness jolting apprehension tempestuousness energization churning complaint quaking action hurly-burly creeps loathing fanaticism trouble combustion hostility movableness earthquake protest insanity keenness storminess anguish clamor eruption ecstasy unreason abashment chagrin radical inquietude solicitude chaos palpitation undertaking use kindling tailspin foreboding pain moil nerves blowup organization melodrama heebie-jeebies backwash emotion jam labour fuss tizzy anxiety goulash wow choler Insurgence skittish palaver vellication CND Worries melee wingding heat roar objector tremor zeal labyrinth furor protest march buzz revolt case of nerves license mixing empathy fear vibrating unruliness stirring wanderings hectic ventilation demonstrator twitching underground cold sweat anarchy pell-mell kinetics agitate disorder nod hurly burly battle undoing motive kick-up reverence babel camp follower hubbub rasta roko tenseness exhilaration passage touchiness campaign earnestness goad transport feeling hurry unrest activist restlessness lathering up mutiny predicament Rampancy confusion jiggle gut reaction grief incitement shock convulsion interest group move nervousness Vanquishment foam pie enthusiasm state of nerves evolution round robin unevenness grating crusade restiveness fume fit squall jump discomfort exasperation rage discussion campaigning fracas fluster moodiness horror discord jitters special interest group upsets tumultuousness protester firebrand unease yelling stimulation lather aggravation vexing funk shake instigation bedlam jitteriness hang-up interruption canvass upheaval awkwardness laziness liberation disarray neurosis oppression oxidization excitation muddle progression hurry-scurry frustration antsiness hysteria rush outburst mayhem vortex vibes ardor volley excessive irritability pins and needles seizure discomfit impact eco-warrior queasiness provocation electrification temper Kneading melancholy attack of nerves trembling sit in vociferation bombshell gust mental state bother hurrah stir nonconformity wonder tremulousness cankerworm of care panickiness lament stirring up swirling morbid excitability bemusement quarrel epileptic fit misgivings edginess to-do controversy ruction unlimitedness exacerbation Volatilization titillation nuisance pep rally whirlpool uprising tussle phenomenon revolutionary derangement Obscuring big scene game Rabidity glow motility puzzle non-violence incitation vivaciousness fervour gratings thrill of fear Overexcitement untidiness quake elation jumble excitement row words tremble pother tic bluster spasm lobby disruption frazzle storm hysterics irritability eagerness effervescence nightmare HIT rout commotion twitter passion operation distraction niggle puzzlement embarrassment sympathy wandering jim-jams prodigy aberration jangle riot liveliness anxious bench vomiting Kicks jumpiness mania sensation nervous excitement hassle fretfulness madness quick temper hunger strike leavening revolution the collywobbles intolerance ruckus whirl gherao vibration wild excitement unmanning cataclysm Nettling fury anxiety hysteria onset fearfulness letdown kerfuffle anticipation anxious concern Rocking flutter infuriation instability concernment tension haste civil disobedience spurt affection uneasiness progress migration champion apprehensiveness dismay agitprop cold creeps flutteriness anxious seat nausea abstraction outbreak disarrangement discomfiture anger gravitation insurgency whipping vehemence upsetting preoccupation revulsion maelstrom wavering unquietness ire stress guerrilla quiver of terror dread organisation freedom rider wave inconvenience Emotions rampage rise portent anxiousness worriedness intensity the heebie-jeebies yeast zest stewing malaise petitioner Lathered remorse stirring-up need mental condition friction contest bout jimjams vibe furore lethargy all-overs disorientation insurrection irritation nervous stomach swither noise blue funk march operativeness neurasthenia bewilderment vexations psychological condition fervor waggle group tizz or tiz-woz rebellion working up quaver stew warmth rebel qualm cold shivers anti-nuclear turbulence overthrow licence banner qualms affray ruffle eddy attack steaming up disquiet Butterflies chills of fear Heartquake bustle argument performance disturbance clamour Jolliness estranged Ebullition heartache agitator offensive fidget stage fright obsession huff feverishness wrath outrageousness outcry exercise protest song nagging doubt militant fever pique dissatisfaction unpleasantness campaigner humiliation wildness upset imbroglio havoc befuddlement suspense zealousness jounce hot water gaiety demonstrate Needles hoo-ha panic pandemonium way treason hindrance


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