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What is another word for aged?

Below is the list of synonyms for aged. Here you can see the other names for aged.



transitive noun

twenties sexagenarian fully developed oldie evergreen gerontology wizened gaga senior advanced in life cohort grand gaffer teens old as Methuselah of age perdurable unfading venerable mature seasoned chronic remaining rising geriatrics immutable tempered second childhood tough hardy developed sixties cured grey vital durable elderly going on hoar buffer seventies Sempervirent the grey pound birthday crock white-haired long-term twilight the gray dollar antique persisting constant gray gray with age decline infirm sprightly age bracket abiding timeworn hale and hearty long-lived side geriatrician turn perpetual auntie years old old age perennial hoary mellow along in years oldish preserved patriarchal mellowed enduring olden superannuated matured pension fund worn white-bearded wrinkly Intransient tottery full-fledged spry Longevous wrinkled gone nonagenarian age group septuagenarian grown old aging show Staying doddering inveterate grown up coeval long lasting school-leaving age Diuturnal ageism in full bloom time gray-haired age-old old girl advanced in years macrobiotic seniority long-standing stable agism rest home dotage old age pensioner fifties eighties antiquated senior citizen day past it thirties hill forties infirmity white long-lasting ripe older old age limit octogenarian gray-headed pensioned off centenarian pensionable pensioner elder old people's home retired old-timer senescent senile year nineties foot permanent greying antediluvian methuselah big white with age the grey market full-grown junior over old boy Longeval of long duration overage ageing cobwebby ancient persistent age-long full-blown something white-crowned senectuous OAP gerontologist eldest continuing ripened ageless past getting on geriatric advanced codger perduring twinkle of long standing twenty-first age knock spring chicken steadfast


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