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What is another word for age?

Below is the list of synonyms for age. Here you can see the other names for age.



transitive noun

developmental age spillover old girl -ous perdurability day wrinkly health years mid-sixties irony Durableness perennation develop as turn local colour resulting Fust externals aspect aged action defiance of time dote elder time period senesce alter point attribute steadfastness oldness school-leaving age gap by-product change vein over consequent old age pensioner side span Aboriginality bite smack undertone nonagenarian big grace period atavism aftereffect essence product lastingness wizen bang style defeat of time centenarian bitter ageing shrivel superannuate iron age perish rest home consequence perpetuity interval ironic show grace going on net result mid-eighties a 3-year-old/10-month-old etc steel age legal age Caducity repercussion slot look nick wane fruit maturate standing epoch platonic year stone age jacksonian age forties plight nature payoff nonage gone thirties implication spin-off run sequel teens ripe streak seventies agism knock old people's home making outcome year great age aged care stretch month middle name seniority elderly hallmark history septuagenarian duration face the grey market maintenance pension fund stench respect shake time lag spell me time florid advancing years presentation knock-on effect immature corollary senior citizen in totter shape something air permanence twinkle Senectitude result fifties time long old style codger depression era time frame wither crock molder resonate right smart spell stamp grow geriatric endurance cycle of indiction spring chicken -ness mid-seventies -ence wrinkle picture tide tenor old age hoary eld complexion great year old buffer Ancien Regime long standing time of life trickle-down decline feature long while old order backwash session cobwebs of antiquity quality lifespan mental age term trappings impact voting age drinking age mellow gerontologist persistence smell octogenarian mid-nineties day(s) age limit fossilise prohibition era -ency second childhood leeway hoary age birthday outgrowth dark ages grow up grow old long time continuance youngness chronological age geriatrician condition reign primordiality ripen gaffer Month Of Sundays primogeniture become extinct spasm Diuturnity historic period Obsolesce lineament bronze age pensioner era geezerhood resultant dotage oldie karma the upshot fetal age sixties elderliness aftermath glacial epoch majority old-timer middle ages aeon appearance new deal era undercurrent lifetime shine sexagenarian sink senility offshoot become obsolete bone age life donkey fossilize property fade long-livedness fallout hood headship ability timescale strain turn gray coeval ambience Primordialism while er characteristic fertilization age -ity gerontology nineties longevity monument stock-in-trade antiquity savour turn white ├ęclat spree child senior stability detail twilight generation ice age rising maturity rust long-lastingness junior new abidingness humanity ageism have ages age group modify dodder -ibility antiquate Venerableness blue moon geriatrics stint senile ripple effect durability reflection period of time texture grown up -athon twenty-first survival senescence dust of ages -ance the grey pound rest eon function constancy bed days minority shortly eternity date flavour atmosphere OAP -ment lose currency cheat the undertaker fail first fruit Survivance waste away -ancy dimension young golden age century turn of the century infirmity facet cycle annus magnus yonks trait period of existence sitting eldership primitiveness life-time jazz age ramification state end result years on end come free time indiction feel reverberation effect twenties form light years gestational age old boy mark chapter vibe period character reek good ancientness get along year dot the gray dollar eighties mature age of consent deteriorate get on newness I've image eldest length mien silver age Inveteracy eld outdate


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