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What are the opposite words of turn over?

Below is the list of antonyms for turn over. Here you can see the opposite meanings ofturn over.

transitive noun

amplify kill outfit eventuate assemble hide gross out result produce activate straighten up put in an appearance hand in crop up clear boost sack retire for the night repel agree dismiss dress lessen turn off evict process switch off fabricate prove to be hit the hay manufacture axe accede turn down take out the contents of kick out fit lose one's temper with drum out return excite be contingent on rig out set in motion diminish fire trip come about give back oust hang go to sleep depart from show quit get one started with unplug thrill stand up acquiesce finish banish gather make cut out ignite go to bed cashier fade emerge lose one's interest expose tender irritate please relegate get stoned arouse one's desire unseat give one the sack shut off give up nauseate take a side road side road turf out happen turn show up kiss off disgust end up go deviate lower show one the door throw out come fall on inform leave accoutre turn out pivot take another road clean out clothe start drive out change direction submit arouse stop come to be strengthen introduce bring out disappear hinge depend branch off hold onto attract take drugs alienate work out take in sicken rest disenchant exit appear work up offend deport put off dispossess initiate develop reduce evaporate put on bore assault energize round on vanish transpire evolve surrender balance assail put out hit the sack increase stimulate apparel displease become expel attend hand over branch swell be present soften give the bum's rush shut down get high attack empty attire deliver come to light cast out press one's buttons ring (someone's) bell switch on turn up start up turning discharge augment kick-start handle with care titillate be decided by


More antonyms for Turn over

Here is the list of the opposite meanings of turn over, try: