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What are the opposite words of give up?

Below is the list of antonyms for give up. Here you can see the opposite meanings ofgive up.


transitive noun


forbid ascend hide admit indulge resist unsettle collect reach carry on fasten note dissuade bear mend claim attain stay defend condemn return guard choose love suppress compliment agree help hold out approve gain enter differ persist seize downpour court complete demur usurp validate rediscover adopt seek go back to take in detain leave alone go introduce prosecute stabilize pursue hold on to reject permit be quiet disobey unite pay attention hold climb come embrace accumulate maintain wait go back marry hoard aid arrive organize go ahead overthrow cherish disallow limit release receive protect ratify face obscure revert accept persevere create capture pour retain connect commence ignore remove disapprove let go schedule stand up to regard mount remain keep achieve secure jump in take confront uphold win secret support acknowledge keep quiet go on confine keep on object imprison take up deny neglect starve like attach allow fail retry conceal rebuff start endure advocate succeed go up continue contradict fix repudiate dispute initiate withstand defy engage go forward occupy withhold enforce decline worry gather carry out restrict haunt take over resume treasure hire grow sanction increase scale raise confuse fill assist cloud overflow assert prevent dissent put in advance set up fight put together free give restrain check protest build open stop vindicate refuse use conquer come back assume disagree take on come in give birth favor condone finish add begin dirty veto figure praise welcome Disacknowledge meet care join undertake save challenge strengthen overcome straighten encourage corroborate rise include counter cause want DO employ oppose restart obey

More antonyms for Give up

Here is the list of the opposite meanings of give up, try: