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What are the opposite words of break?

Below is the list of antonyms for break. Here you can see the opposite meanings ofbreak.


transitive noun

surrender dare hush end refrain cause help invigorate agree encipher stick around disguise be inferior appreciate juncture build up attachment compound regard retention fastening dilate disappear continuity hang around vitalize encourage edit listen start brave remedy stabilize evaporate hazard bad luck attend jumble up amplify confinement prove stand follow balloon heed heal revise fall behind bind unite bloat hush up closure ameliorate stand up conclude vanish energize listen to drop increase approve defer hire inflate hide generate unbroken enrich imprisonment fasten expand finish mark yield fail renovate cipher note start up connect assist enlarge stop abide linger persistence rehabilitate pass away multiply carry on mix heighten halt secrete discharge hold support surrender to die keep quiet activate incarceration stay beard face endurance combination perish perfect holding attach build expire jumble proceed tie prolongation combine mark up mind secret trouble rejuvenate swell put together comply with Endangerment escalate peace binding augment connection sink extend cure Imperilment confront actuate relax submit to install internment take proper dissolve recondition rectify desist captivity connexion serve patch conform blow up lose continuation progress stretch endorse prolong refine submerse harmony overprice union code better submerge reconstruct add keep up cover uphold follow through begin concord notice detention energy straighten allow overrate adhere to hear conceal founder richen dive grow keep secret extension create abide by encode marriage run on agreement aggrandize terminate yield to submit dwell remodel follow through with defer to aid comply drown defy join remain encrypt withhold bottle up closing wait rebuild propel revamp watch tarry secure upset stir impel custody discontinue progression maximize mask strengthen resume boost unwind drive mix up overvalue enhance cease overestimate meliorate peril depart stabilise immurement association improve suppress garble plunge jeopardy up rest persist risk


More antonyms for Break

Here is the list of the opposite meanings of break, try: