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What does the word renounce mean?

If you're looking for meanings of the word renounce, please see a list of them below.

Verb, noun

  1. In cards, not to follow suit.

Verb transitive

  1. To refuse to acknowledge longer; forswear; abandon.
  2. To disown; reject; forsake.
  3. To disclaim: to disown: to reject publicly and finally: to forsake.
  4. To disown; cast off; as, to renounce one's heir; to give up; as, to renounce a hope.
  5. To cast off or reject deliberately; to disown; to dismiss; to forswear.
  6. Consent formally to abandon, surrender, give up, (claim, right, possession); repudiate, refuse to recognize longer, decline association or disclaim relationship with, withdraw from, discontinue, forsake, (r. treaty, principles, person\'s authority, all thought of, design, attempt, son &c., friend, friendship; r. the world, abandon society or temporal affairs); (Law) refuse or resign right or position esp. as heir or trustee; (Cards) follow with card of other suit for want of right one (cf. REVOKE), (n.) playing of such card, opportunity of doing so (has a r. in hearts). Hence renouncement n. [French]
  7. To disclaim having a card of (the suit led) by playing a card of another suit.
  8. To declare against; to reject or decline formally; to refuse to own or acknowledge as belonging to one; to disclaim; as, to renounce a title to land or to a throne.

Verb intransitive

  1. To decline formally, as an executor or a person entitled to letters of administration, to take out probate or letters.
  2. To neglect to follow suit at cards.
  3. To make renunciation.


  1. cast off or disown; "She renounced her husband"; "The parents repudiated their son"
  2. turn away from; give up; "I am foreswearing women forever"
  3. To disown; to repudiate; to reject; to give up; to refuse to acknowledge or own; to abandon; in card-playing, not to follow a suit when a person has a card of the same sort.
  4. To disown; to disclaim; to reject; to cast off; to forsake.


  1. Renouncer, renouncement.
  2. In cards, a not following suit.
  3. Act of renouncing.